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Security Resources

Here at CyberSecure365 we are a valuable security resource thanks to our years of experience in the field and our extensive expertise in this sector. Some of the security resource services we provide include:

CISO Service

A CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) provider leadership in the area of information security using appropriate technical resources and expertise from within information technology governance. A CISO provides guidance regarding security to members of a company’s senior management team while driving the business’s IT security programme.

As a CISO to your business we can provide you with a cost-effective and valuable way to maintain the security of your systems and manage risk while delivering a continuous security presence that ensures incidents and risks are mitigated before causing unacceptable losses to the business.

Information Security Manager Service

An information security manager takes responsibility for the protection of a company’s data, networks and computers against security breaches cyberattacks and computer viruses. Our information security manager service ensures that companies do not face disruption from invasions of these types, and that no highly confidential details will be lost.

As an information security manager for your organisation, we can identify potential weak areas which could make your information systems vulnerable to attack. We can also assess your existing security measures like firewalls, passwords, and antivirus software and analyse your monitoring system’s reports to pinpoint anything which could suggest risks in the future.

We can also manage your security and backup systems, deal with data recovery should a problem occur and oversee any investigations regarding security violations. Furthermore, we can provide employee training in the nature of security risks and how to mitigate them.

Security Architect

We can offer you our services as a security architect for your company, taking responsibility for your computer system’s security maintenance. We can gain an in-depth understanding of your systems, identify its weak points, and recommend ways of updating and improving their security. We can also set up user protocols and policies and enforce and monitor them.

Security Consultant

Often, companies just need a little extra support when it comes to ensuring their security systems are fit for purpose. The field of cybersecurity is a highly specialised one, and therefore, bringing in specialist help from professionals with a high level of expertise in the field is often the best course of action.

Here at CyberSecure365, we have all the necessary skills and experience to act as security consultants for your business, helping you to evaluate the existing systems that you have in place, pinpoint any areas for improvement, and recommend the best solutions to mitigate those security risks so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind in your organisation’s systems’ security.

Whether you’re running a major corporation or an SME, our team of experts are on hand to supply you with the security consultation service that you need to remain fully compliant with current regulations and to ensure the ongoing security of all your operation’s systems in the long term.