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Vulnerability Management

Are you proactively managing your vulnerabilities? Get a handle on your IT Assets with Qualys Cloud Solutions.

Managing your vulnerabilities is a key component of any good security programme and is fundamental in maintaining a consistent security posture across your ecosystem. With today’s hybrid environments, knowing what you have in your estate can be equally challenging and its difficult to protect what you can’t see. CyberSecure365 have partnered with Qualys, an industry leader in the vulnerability management space. Discover how the Qualys range can help your business:

  • Identify all known and unknown assets across hybrid environments
  • Analyse vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in real time
  • Quickly focus on what’s most urgent
  • Rapidly patch critical threats

Qualys Vulnerability Management

Qualys VM (Vulnerability Management) is a fully cloud-based service that provides global visibility into where your IT assets are vulnerable and how to protect them. Qualys can quickly determine what’s actually running in the different parts of your network—from your perimeter and corporate network to virtualized machines and cloud services such as Amazon EC2. Using Qualys, you can identify the highest business risks using trend analysis, Zero-Day and Patch impact predictions.

Benefits & Features

  • Comprehensive asset management and visibility across hybrid environments
  • Continuous monitoring and alerts
  • Vulnerability Management & Analysis
  • Identify and prioritize risks
  • Remediation workflow

Qualys Container Security

By the nature of their deployment, containers have an increased surface area. With Qualys Container Security you can search for images in your environment that have high-severity vulnerabilities or unapproved packages. Qualys Container Security provides discovery, tracking, and continuous protection for container environments and images wherever they are, on premises or in clouds. It also addresses vulnerability management for images and containers in the DevOps pipeline and deployments.

Benefits & Features

  • Visibility into your container projects
  • Vulnerability analysis in the DevOps pipeline
  • Vulnerability analysis for images and containers
  • Container Runtime Security
  • Container Inventory Management

Qualys Cloud Agent

Cloud agent provides real-time assessment of your global IT assets on premise, mobile or in the cloud. They’re best suited for assets like dynamic IP client machines, remote/roaming users, static and ephemeral cloud instances, and systems sensitive to external scanning.Enterprise scalability with the capabilities to roll out additional functionality through a single agent covering Asset Management, Vulnerability Management, Patch Management, EDR, Policy Compliance, File Integrity Monitoring and other Qualys apps.

Benefits & Features

  • Light weight agent, minimal impact on systems and networks
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Installs everywhere
  • Easy to use APIs for 3rd party tool integration (eg. SIEM)
  • Real time vulnerability and compliance management

Qualys Policy Compliance

Continually assess security configurations of your IT systems throughout your network. Qualys Policy Compliance (PC) is a cloud service that performs automated security configuration assessments on your IT systems, whether they’re on-premises, remote, or in the cloud. It helps you to reduce risk and continuously comply with internal policies and external regulations.

Benefits & Features

  • Compliance Management with instant and comprehensive visibility
  • Easily identify and remediate compliance gaps
  • Extensive control library with customisable controls to suit the needs of any organisation
  • Out of the box policies to fast-track compliance aligned with CIS Benchmarks.

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