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Microsoft M365 Security

CyberSecure365 are a certified Microsoft Partner who possess a wealth of experience in Microsoft Security solutions. Here at CyberSecure365 we offer solutions to help safeguard businesses against the potential threat of highly sophisticated cyber-attacks aimed at disrupting the day to day running of your business.

Today, many businesses have an online presence which means they can very easily fall victim to things like phishing, malware attacks, ransomware, spoofing attacks, network hacks and a long list of other potential threats.

Being a certified Microsoft Partner enables CyberSecure365 to offer a number of different Microsoft security service solutions that we can implement within your business offering easy integration with your already existing Microsoft ecosystem.

This allows for smooth communication between your existing Microsoft programs and services with the security solutions allowing for better protection against any potential threats that may occur.

Here are the Microsoft365 Security Services offered by CyberSecure365:

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory, also known as Azure AD is Microsoft’s own centralised user and management access service. Azure AD is the perfect solution for creating a secure way for your employees to sign in and securely gain access to any business resources that you grant access to, this could be external resources or internal resources such as business apps developed within the organisation. Azure AD can be easily integrated with your already existing Microsoft applications, cloud applications and your organisations on premise active directory.

Azure AD is a simple Microsoft365 security solution to offering:

  • Identity and Access Management which ensures you can see, and are in control of each individual within the business and can control the level of access they have to particular business resources throughout their lifecycle within the business.
  • Identity Governance, allowing you to assess and have the ability to challenge the access of both privileged and non-privileged identities as well as the ability to both audit and control any changes that may happen within the environment.
  • Logging and Reporting allows for access to both audit logs, which will allow you to see reports covering the action history that every individual has performed and sign in logs.
  • Protection for on-prem and cloud applications.

CyberSecure365 highly recommend the implementation of Azure AD as a security solution for your organisation. Some of the most useful features obtained implementing Azure AD include many useful things such as:

  • Access control to Applications, Azure Portal and Microsoft Office365 services.
  • User and group management.
  • Multifactor Authentication.
  • Cloud based identification and authentication.
  • Single Sign On.
  • Both basic and high advance security and usage reporting.
  • Product Information Management.
  • Mobile Device Management.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a cloud based solution offering mobile application management(MAM) and mobile device management(MDM). Microsoft Intune allows for easy integration with your organisations already existing Microsoft365 programs, Azure AD, Azure Information Protection and Windows Defender. You can even control the patching of the windows endpoints ensuring compliance for roaming users.

Manage devices with Microsoft Intune allowing for:

  • Configuration of mobile devices ensuring your organisation’s security and device health standards are met.
  • View reports on device compliance as well as users.
  • Allows for the removal of organisations data should a device be stolen, lost or no longer in use.
  • Allows for easy viewing of all devices currently enrolled as well as an inventory count of all devices which have access to the organisation’s resources.

Manage Apps with Microsoft Intune allowing for:

  • Selective wipes removing any organisation data contained in apps.
  • Track usage on apps.
  • Allows for simplified app configuration and updates to apps on a device.
  • Easily assign and add apps to devices as well as particular user groups.

Opting to use Microsoft Intune as a security solution for your business is an excellent choice as it boasts a number of highly useful features including:

  • Device security policies.
  • Data protection.
  • Existing compliance with ISO 27001.
  • Seamless login and sign on.
  • Defender deployment.
  • Compliance based condtional access.

Microsoft Defender For Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an extensive endpoint data security solution designed to help your organisation with things like mobile Threat Defence, Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Protection as well as helping organisation’s appropriately respond, investigate, prevent and detect any advanced level threats.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is easily integrated with your organisations already existing Microsoft ecosystem and can smoothly communicate and interact with programs such as Intune, Azure Defender, Azure Sentinel, Skype for Business and Defender for Office 365 making it a useful and versatile security solution for your business.

By implementing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, your organisation can easily:

  • Manage threats and the organisation’s potential vulnerability by taking a risk based initial approach to help discover and remediate any endpoint misconfigurations or vulnerabilities.
  • Allow for next generation protection to help reinforce the perimeter security of your organisation’s network, catching any and all kinds of potential emerging threats.
  • Regulate all access to any malicious IP addresses, URLs and domains. Allowing attack surface reduction capabilities to provide the first line of protection and defence.
  • Quickly respond against advanced level attacks as well as offering automated investigations and remediation.
  • Be proactive and prioritize threat hunting and protection as well as offering many additional insights to improve SOCs to enable quick identification and response to threats.

Defender for Endpoint is an ideal Microsoft security solution that CyberSecure365 highly recommend. Defender for Endpoint offers a wealth of features including:

  • Defender Anti-malware
  • Threat Reporting
  • Centralised Management
  • BitLocker
  • Windows Information Protection
  • Defender Firewall
  • Credential Guard
  • Exploit Guard

Microsoft Information Protection

Microsoft Information Protection, also known as MIP is a security framework enabling you to protect and classify any and all information of a sensitive nature wherever it may be stored or in transit. MIP is suite of existing Microsoft security products designed to offer extensive data protection across your organisation’s devices and business apps throughout the lifecycle of the organisation.

The great benefit of MIP is that it can be easily integrated with other existing Microsoft products such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and throughout the Office 365 Application making it the perfect Microsoft security solution for your business.

The use of Microsoft Information Protection allows for:

  • Advanced data classification, data labelling, encryption and high level protection of any sensitive information your organisation may wish to keep secure.
  • Prevention of any data loss or over sharing of any sensitive information within the organisation.
  • A high level understanding of your organisation’s data landscape and can help with the identification of any important data your organisation may wish to protect.
  • Assistance with the protection of data which resides in any Microsoft cloud based app.

Microsoft Information Protection is an excellent security solution that CyberSecure365 are happy to provide, Microsoft Information Protection should be heavily considered as a Microsoft security service for your organisation and brings an extensive array of versatile features including:

  • Shared document tracking.
  • Encryption of emails.
  • Classifies data based on industry standards including GDPR, PCI and DSS.
  • Allows for the labelling of data based on business requirement.

Microsoft Defender For Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a must have security solution which offers a cloud based email filtering and security service which helps to filter and protect against phishing emails, potential malware and anything else that may cause harm or compromise to your businesses email.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and easily be integrated with as well as extended to Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint making it a great Microsoft security solution to implement to enable protection for your organisation. A huge benefit to Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is that it can easily correlate with your organisation’s EOP which already prevents against a variety of already known and high volume attacks.

Implementing Microsoft Defender for Office 365 will help your organisation:

  • Protect emails from phishing, spam, potential malware, impersonations as well as ensuring that there are safe links and attachments as well as offering alerts and the integration of SIEM allowing for API alerts.
  • Launch automated investigations and configure appropriate responses and remediation to any potential threats through threat tracking and threat explorer as well as offering simulated attack training.
  • Generate high level reports covering threats, potential threats as well as allowing for audit logs.

Using Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is an excellent choice of security solution to implement within your business and offers a range of feature including:

  • Protection against phishing, spam and malware for E-mail.
  • Ensures safe attachments and links only are sent and opened.
  • Real time threat detection and report generation.
  • Simulation of attack and automated investigating of potential threats as well as configuring an appropriate response.

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