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Cloud Security

Cloud adoption is increasing at a phenomenal rate. According to Gartner’s 2021 Hype Cycle for Cloud Security report, public cloud services worldwide are predicted to increase to $805.5 billion within the next four years from just $387.7 billion today. It is estimated that 70% of enterprise workloads are going to be deployed in the cloud by 2023 – an increase of 30% on the figures from 2020. While this is great news for businesses, bearing in mind the cost savings and effective harnessing of modern technology that cloud adoption can bring, there are challenges associated with this. For a start, using the cloud leaves companies open to potential cyberattacks and security breaches without appropriate measures in place to mitigate the risks.

Here at CyberSecure365, we can deliver high-quality, effective security solutions for the following cloud platforms:

With our effective solutions in place, companies can migrate to the cloud in complete confidence that their systems will remain secure at all times.

Securing Cloud Collaboration

All kinds of businesses today are now increasingly using cloud-based collaboration tools. While these offer multiple benefits including convenience and improved productivity, it is essential to secure these tools correctly in order to prevent data leaks and the negative consequences that go along with such breaches.

As the number of companies using cloud-based collaboration tools has increased, so has the number of cyberattacks. While government institutions, educational facilities, and the transportation and logistics sector have seen the greatest rise in cyberthreats, other industries have experienced a dramatic increase to – the manufacturing sector experiencing a 679% rise in cyberattacks and the financial services sector experiencing an increase of 571%.

Here at CyberSecure365, we can secure the following cloud-based collaboration tools:

Security Services

Our professional team can offer a comprehensive range of security services to ensure that your company’s migration to the cloud runs smoothly and without any unwarranted threats or breaches. We can deliver effective security solutions in this regard including:.

Security Assessments

Part of ensuring that any migration to the cloud is safe and secure involves running effective security assessments to check where any potential breaches could occur. It isn’t always easy to pinpoint where leaks may arise or where cybercriminals could find a way to attack a company’s systems, but with our high-quality, in-depth security assessments, you can be confident that your adoption of the cloud will be as trouble-free as possible.

You can be sure that any areas which are at risk will have been identified and solutions put in place to [mitigate those risks effectively]. We can offer the following assessment services to ensure optimal protection for your systems:

Thanks to our comprehensive approach to security assessment, you can rest assured that no risks have been overlooked and you will be fully armed with the information that you need to put effective solutions in place to mitigate those risks.