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Microsoft Azure Security

Here at CyberSecure365, we take pride in being a certified Microsoft Partner and we are dedicated to excellence in the field of the ever-adapting Microsoft technologies. Our aim is to maximise all of the technical benefits that our clients can receive from CyberSecure365 by ensuring that you are implementing the correct Microsoft security solution for your company’s needs.

Being a Microsoft partner, we are experts in providing an array of Microsoft security solutions such as listed below:

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud (Azure Security Center)
  • Azure Key Vault
  • Azure Policy Compliance
  • Azure DDOS Protection
  • Microsoft Sentinel (Azure Sentinel)
  • Azure Network Security

Microsoft Defender for Cloud (Azure Security Center)

Azure Security Center is what is known as a unified infrastructure security management system (UISMS) designed to help offer a high level of protection for your businesses data hubs. Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides additional advanced level threat defence across all your businesses cloud based platforms whether they happen to be in the Azure platform or not. By implementing Microsoft Defender for Cloud, you can help deal with some of the most common security challenges such as:

By implementing Microsoft Defender for Cloud, you can help deal with some of the most common security challenges such as:

  • Fast changing workloads on the cloud.
  • Increasingly advanced level attacks on your workloads stored on public cloud.
  • Short supply of security skills - keeping up to date with the most recent attacks can be challenging.

Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault is an innovative cloud-based service which is used to securely store items which your business would like to have complete secure control over who can access them. This could include securely storing and protecting:

  • Passwords
  • Certificates
  • API Keys

Azure Policy Compliance

Azure Policy Compliance is highly sought after as it contains an expansive, constantly updated library of integrated policies. Each of these built-in policies will enforce specific rules and regulations of the appropriate Azure resources. This allows for easy evaluation of policy compliance of your assigned resources which will allow you to see what may need updated in order to comply with the appropriate policy.

Azure DDOS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks are a common form of attack that your business applications may face. DDOS attacks can quickly make your business applications unusable and unstable to genuine users and shut them down until fixed. By implementing Azure DDOS Protection, you can:

  • Immediately secure all resources as soon as you enable DDOS protection standard
  • Help monitor your application’s traffic 24/7 to search for potential signs of a DDOS attack.
  • Receive DDOS attack alerts
  • Easily integrates into Azure

Microsoft Sentinel (Azure Sentinel)

A security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) security solution, Azure Sentinel can help deliver highly informative security metrics and analytics for your business alongside business wide threat intelligence to help protect your business. Azure Sentinel is your ‘eyes in the sky’ across your business and its security. With Azure Sentinel, you can:

  • Rapidly respond to security incidents
  • Help detect hidden security threats to your business.
  • Help Investigate business wide security threats by hunting out any malicious activity.

Azure Network Security

Keeping your cloud infrastructure safe and secure means implementing additional design features, and with CyberSecure365 you can give your network the high level of security it needs to prevent unauthorised access, allowing only traffic which is legitimate. It involves

  • Network Security Group, Application Security Group and Azure Firewall
  • Vulnerability Management and Container Security
  • Next Generation Firewall integration
  • Web Application Firewall

Network Security Group, Application Security Group and Azure Firewall

These ASG/NSG/AF are implemented within a flat cloud network, applying specific rules to workloads, or VM groups, and they work by simplifying the process by which rules are defined. The Azure Firewall protects traffic inside and outside the network.

Vulnerability Management and Container Security

The management of vulnerability in a network relates to the continuous acquisition of information to be assessed so that vulnerabilities can be identified and amended. Container security is the implementation of specific policies or tools to protect the infrastructure, runtime, and much more. .

Next Generation Firewall integration

Going above and beyond the capabilities of traditional firewalls, an NGFW includes a wealth of features will not only inspect network traffic, but it also has the ability to control the traffic, is much more aware of the processes and protects against intrusion and other cloud-based threats.

Web Application Firewall

A WAF has the ability to shield web applications, protecting them from a wide variety of attacks, including the OWASP vulnerabilities such as cross site scripting (XSS), cookie poisoning and even SQL injection. When we set up WAF for your web applications you can rest assured that the majority of attacks seeking to exfiltrate information and disrupt your services will be blocked successfully.

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