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Security Architecture & Design

The field of security architecture and design is centred around the way in which security controls are effectively implemented. It is key to ensure that the confidentiality, availability and integrity of systems are properly protected around processes, technology, and people, and with this in mind, our team here at CyberSecure365 are specialists in this field.

It is our mission to ensure that our clients can be confident of a highly secure business environment, and to this end, we offer a comprehensive and cutting-edge approach to security architecture and design that is tailored to meet the needs of individual organisations in the way that best suits their requirements.

How Do We Work?

The CyberSecure365 team operates by carrying out a full and comprehensive assessment into various security controls that are already in place so that we can review any organisation’s security environment within the existing SABSA framework’s security architecture and design.

We make it our key objective to identify all of the objectives, strategies, and goals of a business before carrying out a full risk assessment. Once this has been completed, we identify the most appropriate controls which include:

What Is SABSA?

SABSA is a business-driven security framework designed specifically for the use of enterprises. This framework has its basis in risk and the opportunities that are associated with it. As specialists in the field, we combine the SABSA framework with various features of other key security frameworks like TOGAF and COBIT to ensure the most comprehensive approach.

We also ensure that we always operate in line with the latest industry best practices so that we can be confident that each and every customer will always receive the very best solution to meet their precise individual needs.

Identifying Risks And Applying Relevant Controls

As part of our fully comprehensive approach to security architecture and design for organisations, we also take the time to fully consider the customer’s architecture from a wide range of angles. We do this in order to ensure that all relevant risks have been properly identified so that the relevant controls can be effectively applied to mitigate those risks.

We examine the organisation’s security architecture from the following viewpoints in order to ensure that we have covered all bases and that nothing has been left overlooked:

  • Business View – contextual architecture
  • Architect’s view – conceptual architecture
  • Designer View – logical architecture
  • Constructor View – physical architecture
  • Technician View – component architecture
  • Management View – management architecture

Clearly, these different views reveal varying components of a company’s security design, and each of those components presents its own unique risks that require mitigation solutions to be implemented in the most effective manner.

By carrying out such a full and comprehensive overview of a company’s security architecture, we can gain the greatest insight into areas for improvement and the right courses of action to take, thus ensuring that each client benefits from a solution that is properly tailored to suit their unique requirements.